Linguistics-Related Courses in Other Departments

These courses were approved by the department as electives in October 2014.  Undergraduate Linguistics majors must check with the Linguistics major advisor ahead of time to find out if a course not on this list can count as an elective. Refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Course Catalogs for course descriptions and prerequisites. Availability may vary — check the UW Course Guide for current course offerings.

Department & Course Number

Course Title

African Languages & Literature 301

Introduction to African Linguistics

African Languages & Literature 500

Language and Society in Africa

African Languages & Literature 503

African Linguistic Structure - Morphology and Syntax

American Indian Studies 314 Indians of North America
American Indian Studies 371 Survey of North American Indian Languages
American Indian Studies 431 American Indian Folklore
Anthropology 430 Language and Culture
Comm. Sciences & Disorders 110 Introduction to CS&D

Comm. Sciences & Disorders 201

Speech Science

Comm. Sciences & Disorders 202 Normal Aspects of Hearing

Comm. Sciences & Disorders 210

Neural basis of communication

Comm. Sciences & Disorders 240

Language acquisition in children and adolescents

Comm. Sciences & Disorders 303

Speech Acoustics and Perception

Comm. Sciences & Disorders 315 Speech Pathology I
Comm. Sciences & Disorders 440 Child Language Disorders, Assessment and Intervention

Comm. Sciences & Disorders 503

Neural Mechanisms of Speech, Hearing and Language

Computer Science 545

Natural Language and Computing

Curriculum & Instruction 368 The Teaching of Reading

East Asian Languages 358

Language in Japanese Society

East Asian Languages 431-432

Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

East Asian Languages 434

Introduction to Japanese Linguistics

East Asian Languages 631

History of the Chinese Language

English 314

Structure of English

English 315 English Phonology
English 316 English Language Variation in the US
English 318 Second Language Acquisition
English 319 Language, Race, and Identity

English 413

English Words: Grammar, culture, mind

English 414

Global Spread of English

English 415

TESOL Methods

English 416

English in Society

English 417

History of the English Language

English 419

Gender and Language

English 420

Topics in English Language and Linguistics

English 514

English Syntax

English 516 English Grammar in Use
Folklore 490 Field Methods and the Public Representation of Folklore
Folklore 522 Digitally Documenting Everyday Communication
French & Italian 340 Structures of Italian

French & Italian 429

Introduction to the Romance Languages

German 270 Language and Immigration in Wisconsin

German 351

Introduction to German Linguistics

German 352

Topics in German Linguistics

German 650

History of the German Language

Hebrew Studies 611 Comparative Grammar of Semitic Languages
History 490 American Indian History

Philosophy 516

Language and Meaning

Psychology 402 Literacy, Brain and Behavior
Psychology 406 Psychology of Perception
Psychology 413 Language, Mind and Brain
Psychology 414 Cognitive Psychology

Psychology 520

How We Read: the science of reading and its educational implications

Psychology 560

Child Psychology

Scandinavian Studies 410

Introduction to Scandinavian Linguistics

Scandinavian Studies 510

Topics in Scandinavian Linguistics

School of Library & Information Studies 351 Introduction to Digital Information
School of Library & Information Studies 640 Topics: Tribal Libraries, Archives, & Museums

Sociology 535

Talk and Social Interaction

Spanish & Portuguese 320 Spanish Phonetics

Spanish & Portuguese 321

Structure of Spanish

Spanish & Portuguese 327

Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

Spanish & Portuguese 331

Spanish Applied Linguistics

Spanish & Portuguese 429

Introduction to the Romance Languages

Spanish & Portuguese 446

Topics in Spanish Linguistics

Spanish & Portuguese 474

Study Abroad in Spanish Linguistics

Spanish & Portuguese 543

Spanish Phonology

Spanish & Portuguese 544 Contemporary Issues in Applied Spanish Linguistics
Spanish & Portuguese 547 Structure of the Spanish Language: Phonology
Spanish & Portuguese 548 Structure of the Spanish Language: Morphology & Syntax

Spanish & Portuguese 630

Topics in Hispanic Linguistics